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Ultimate e-Cargo

Cargo bikes are known to be versatile. Hauling your kids around, bringing almost anything from A to B, moving house and more. They are practical vessels and not meant for fun and games. 


For their 10 year anniversary, OBST&GEMÜSE, the Basel based bike shop, has worked together with Dutch frame builder Elian Cycles to develop the perfect cargo bike. Not only is it lightweight, maneuverable and beautiful, but it's also fast. Really fast. Thanks to its MAXON rear hub MX25 Boost motor. 


The OBST&GEMÜSE + Elian Cycles Ultimate e-Cargo is based upon Elian Veltman’s Classic Cargo Tour model. A bike that reached international recognition and acclaim for its gorgeous design.


This bike opens up new possibilities: bring your kids on the group ride, go off-road with your cargo or just have fun while you're delivering your freight faster.


Introducing the OBST&GEMÜSE + Elian Cycles Ultimate e-Cargo.



From Maurik to Basel


Elian Cycles

Elian Cycles is a frame-builder based in Maurik, The Netherlands. In the workshop behind his house, Elian Veltman makes dreams come true. Creating quite possibly the most beautiful and best functioning cargo bicycles in the world. Over the years he has perfected his craft through his extensive experience within the automotive and motorcycle industry.

In 2011, Elian deconstructed and redesigned the classic Dutch ʻbakfiets' to international acclaim. Traditionally, cargo bikes are built for utility rather than riding fulfillment. Itʼs a struggle to keep one in a straight line - especially when loaded with children or shopping.


Evaluating every component, especially the steering, Elian created a central steering hub not dissimilar to one pioneered in motorcycle design. The patented system is called the Elian Steering Hub.

Commercially building for over a decade now, he is still primarily focused on handcrafting his client's interpretation of their own perfect cargo bike. 


Find out more about Elian Cycles on his website.



OBST&GEMÜSE, opened their doors 10 years ago to establish a more-than-just a bike shop in Basel, Switzerland. The name directly translates as Fruit & Vegetables. It reflects the related yet opposite product offering in their store: cargo-bikes downstairs and performance- race bikes upstairs. Hence the shops' slogan; lightweight and high-freight.



Everything in the shop revolves around quality. In terms of product offering, the space they’re in and the attention to their customers. This is something you’ll notice as soon as you walk in. Their extensive experience with cargo bikes has driven this collaboration to its utmost potential. 


Learn more about OBST&GEMÜSE on their website.

OBST&GEMÜSE + Elian Cycles

Ultimate e-Cargo

The OBST&GEMÜSE + Elian Cycles Ultimate e-Cargo is born out of an intensive collaboration between the Swiss bike shop and Dutch frame builder. A quest to create the perfect cargo bike.  


What really sets this bike apart is the unique central steering system is patented and called the Elian Steering Hub. This makes the front end less ʻjumpyʼ and therefore creating a more fluid means of steering. The system also greatly reduces ʻflexʼ when braking. Elian concluded that this was literally the best way forward for cargo bikes. 

Equipped with the finest components, a lowered center of gravity and reduced weight, combined with Elian’s steel ʻspace frameʼ and the unique central steering system, the Elian Steering Hub, the OBST&GEMÜSE + Elian Cycles Ultimate e-Cargo truly is the perfect ride.


Adding a powerful motor to this lightweight, made-to-measure and excellently handling custom bicycle with tire-clearance up to 45mm, makes this bike the perfect mix between fun and functionality. Opening up new possibilities, like being able to take your kids on a road or gravel ride or actually enjoying yourself when you’re hauling your cargo around town. 


Making the OBST&GEMÜSE + Elian Cycles Ultimate Cargo, the ultimate cargo bike. 


The collaboration is limited to 20 pieces and only available at OBST&GEMÜSE.


Take the kids

"Last summer, I had the chance to spend a day on the  Elian x OBST&GEMÜSE Ultimate e-Cargo prototype. Quite simply, it was one of my most sublime days on a bike ever. I was attending the Grand Gravel Grind event that OBST&GEMÜSE had organized and didn't think I'd be able to do the planned group ride as I had my kids with me. The opportunity to give this whip a spin with both my then 8 & 5 years old's aboard was ideal as I was able to bring the kids along and even do so much more!


We navigated off-road paths and trails, confidently careened along gravel farm roads and deftly scaled Swiss climbs despite the additional weight thanks to the MAXON e-assist. We confidently descended and maneuvered elegantly at speed. What really impressed the kids and especially me was Elian's unique steering construction.


I'm a father in Amsterdam with decades of cycling experience (loading touring, cargo bikes with kids, furniture and more) and I've ridden many heavy-duty bikes with cargo and have never piloted such a smooth and speed rattle/chatter free 'bakfiets'. The handling of this bike is bar-none and the lightweight construction + top notch componentry means that picking it up to carry over an obstacle is an easy feat.


Replacing car rides with bike rides has been a way of life for me since 2004. The Elian x OBST&GEMÜSE Ultimate Cargo is finally exactly the right bike for me and empowers me to do so much more!"



- Jon Woodroof, Amsterdam


Perfection in detail

Frame & Motor


  • Frame: OBST&GEMÜSE + Elian Cycles (custom size)

  • Color: Ltd color, matt army green

  • Motor: MAXON Rear hub Motor MX25 Boost

  • Battery: Maxon BX500Wh

  • Speed: Support is capped at 25 km/ph / USA 33km/ph


Headset & Bottom Bracket

  • Headset: Chris King 1 1/8 matte jet

  • Bottom bracket: Chris King ThreadFit 30mm matte jet


  • Stem: ENVE MTN 55mm carbon

  • Handlebar: ENVE M6 31.8, 9/5°, +7.5mm rise

  • Seatpost: ENVE Carbon Seatpost 2Bolt 27.2mm



  • crankset: SRAM GX EAGLE 1x12, X-Sync2 DM 32z BB30 Boost 

  • rear derailleur: SRAM GX EAGLE 1x12, black

  • cassette: SRAM GX EAGLE XG-1275, 12-spd 10-50t, black

  • shifter: SRAM GX EAGLE Trigger 12-spd black 

  • chainring: SRAM X-Sync2 Eagle 38z 1x12 Boost DM, black


  • rear wheel Rim: DT Swiss 412 27.5"/22.5 32L black

  • front wheel Rim: Ryde Andra 20" black

  • front hub: Elian steering Hub​


  • saddle: FABRIC ALM Ultimate Shallow Saddle Black

  • front and rear Mudguards

  • pedals: Schindelhauer Urban Pedals black

  • bell: Spurcycle Bell Black
    Accessoriessaddle: FABRIC ALM Ultimate Shallow Saddle Black


  • Childseat for two kids incl. belts in color: dusty yellow

  • Bowl (sidewalls) in color: black or dusty yellow

  • elian CNC Light Set incl. Velogical rim dynamo


The process

It's time to replace your car for this beauty. From ordering the OBST&GEMÜSE + Elian Cycles Ultimate e-Cargo to final delivery takes approximately 8-12 weeks. The price for the complete bike is CHF 13,000,- or the equivalent in your currency. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to send us a message.




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